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Greetings For Our Heroes

George E. Pollitt
Date of Mission: July 28, 2013

George Pollitt | Operation Welcome You Home
  Dear Dad,

You are a father, grandfather, friend, a pillar of strength and wisdom ......for these things we truly love you. There is one thing however that we forget to thank you for--that is our freedom. Without this freedom we would be unable listen to the music of our choice, pray to our God, attend the schools that are special to us, vote for the best candidate, watch our favorite TV shows and movies, speak on the phone freely, have as many babies as our families can love, drive our own cars ....and so much more.

The list of these very simple pleasures goes on & on and we take them for granted. Today what we DO NOT take for granted are the sacrifices you made in your life at a very early age. These sacrifices you made so that our children will not have to. What more can be said?

We thank you, respect you, applaud you and most of all honor you!

All of our heartfelt thanks and love, Your daughter, Donna

P.S......Dad, you will always be my hero! xoxo


Dear George,

I wanted to take this opportunity to express to you what an honor it was to be your escort for the Honor Flight. What an experience it was for you to see the long over due WWII memorial, renew friendships, share stories of the past, and receive the honor and respect you so richly deserve. You are part of what they call the greatest generation and the reasons why are too numerous to list here. Some of them are your courage, dedication and love of this great Country of ours, your work ethic, and your family values. It is my belief if the general public and politicians possessed these values we as a nation would not be in the economic salutation that we are in today.

It was your Day of Honor and I for one can not think of anyone more deserving then you. I, as your Son-in-law, had my chest sticking way out with pride as we walked side by side with other WWII Herero' s and experienced this country's capital.



I would so love to join you, as you celebrate your fathers birthday, and their wedding anniversary. However, I will be finishing up MY Sunday Mass at that time.

Please convey to them my wishes for their health, and that it be a day to remember!! And also let them know they will be remembered and prayed for by my parishioners as well on this special day!

God Bless,

Fr. Bob

I hope your dad has a happy birthday! He must have been 70 when you were born, right? ☺

Sincerely, Scott K

Dear Donna and Family.

Please wish your dad a very, happy, healthy 90th birthday. And many blessings to George and Esther on their 67th wedding anniversary. May God keep them in His care always.

Blessings to you and yours,

Cathy Pilny

A hug, handshake, and a thank you sent from Ft Hood by me!

Danny Naughton-Rayas


We honor you for so many things, like celebrating your 90th birthday, your 67th wedding anniversary, but, most importantly, we honor you for your service to our country and the sacrifices you have made on behalf of protecting our freedom and way of life. What a wonderful role model you are for your family and all who have the privilege of knowing you!

George, we know this thank you comes many, many years later after you served your country in WWII, but our gratitude to you and your fellow soldiers is heartfelt and deep. We are proud of you and what you accomplished in your military and personal life.

You've inspired a lot of people, George, particularly your daughter, Donna Morsovillo, her husband, Jim, and your granddaughter, Judi Stapleton. Donna founded Operation Welcome You Home to recognize and honor our military veterans for their service, courage, and commitment. Donna, Jim, & Judi are following your example of service and commitment to a greater cause. We know you are proud of their efforts as well.

May God continue to bless you and your family!

The Operation Welcome You Home Team


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