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Greetings For Our Heroes

USMC James Guerra
Date of Mission: June 4, 2011

  Welcome Home James! Thank you for your years of service and sacrifice to serve your country and keep us all safe here at home. A big thank you to your family too who sacrifice while you are away. Glad you are returning home safely. Semper Fi!

Parents of an Afghanistan deployed(2nd tour) Marine.... Fondly,

 The David Tutt Family

Dear James,

I love you for your service not only to our country but our family as well. It has been a very long year and we missed you dearly! I can't wait to get you home even if it is for a short time!!

Love always

Andrea Guerra

Hello James! I'm Andrea's cousin Amber, I met you at Kelly's wedding. Welcome home! Our entire family is thankful that you arrived safely and are back in Andrea's arms. Thank you for the sacrifice you make to everyone in this country. I don't truly know what it is like to do what you do ... I can only imagine. Let's hope you stick around on US soil from now on!

Amber Shelgren

Welcome home, James. You have been in the hearts and minds of many people. Just imagine that all the hugs and kisses you receive are really magnified at least 10 fold. Thanks for being willing to step forward into a position of leadership and bravery. We love you.

Marsha Edwards

Welcome home, James. You have been in the hearts and minds of many people. WELCOME HOME USMC JAMES GUERRA!!

Thank you for serving our Country keeping us free. We thank your family for sharing you with our Country. Semper fi, Donna, founder OWYH

WELCOME HOME! Thank you so much for what you do but ..... I am glad that you are safe and will be home with us soon. It has been a long year! Love you, Mom H.

Thanks Jimmy for serving our country....we are all so very proud of you! Welcome Home.

Mary Norris

Welcome home! Thank you for your service. Loking forward to seeing you back at the PD.


Thanks so much for your service! You are what makes me proud to be an American! Welcome Home and thanks and prayers to your family too!

Beth Johannigman

Dear James:

Welcome home!!!

Love ya, Terry

Hi James! So glad to hear you're back safe and sound. Thanks for your commitment to our military and the sacrifice you make! I commend you!

Ellen McLaughlin

Hey Jimmy,

It's people like you that make our Country beautiful. Thanks for your dedication. My family has a history of service men/woman (grandfather, father, brother-in-law, niece, 3 nephews, 2 cousins) and if I could do it all over again, I would join. Kudos to you. I'm glad your home safe with your family. God bless you and God Bless America!

Linda, Village of Woodridge (Finance)

James USMC,

Or can I call you Jimmy now. It was an honor meeting you at the Homecoming. Thank You for your service and sacrafice. You have such a loving Family. Thanks for taking us to Tilted Kilt. My 1st time and food was great.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy...

Judi asst. photographer/coordinator

Welcome home! Glad you made it back safely - looking forward to working with you. -Heidi #92

Welcome home and thank you for your service.

Todd Hoger, “LT.”

God bless you for all you've done.



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